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Here we live, study, work and rest

For all nonresident students that come to study in LIEN, a dormitory 15 minutes away from the lyceum is open yearly. Dormitory provides all the essential living conditions; comfortable rooms on floors 2 and 3 are suited for 1-2 people each. There are kitchens on both floors, fridges in every room and a bathroom.

On each floor of the dormitory study rooms can be found, where tuition and individual work take place.

For the purposes of enhancing educational process and learners study progress, individual lessons and consultations on main study subjects are provided. V. I. Chumakova, T. A. Samoilova and A. M. Nikityuk explain complicated study material and help completing difficult school tasks.

There is a creative group of mentors, tutors and caretakers in the dormitory as well.

Friendly and trusting attitude towards children, great concern for their lives and problems those are the key features of the dormitory staff.

Guided by teachers, Home academy classes are conducted, teaching students the means of health care, good manners and cooking tasty & healthy food.

Traditionally a Principal Day takes place in the lyceum, where principal G. G. Konnycheva holds a press conference on matters of institution development and modern ways of education.

Special attention is paid to healthy lifestyle. Qualified doctor L. A. Martynova discusses such topics as healthy diets, physical fitness, illness prevention and hygiene rules with students. Medical room is open daily, providing medical advice and attention.

Means of healthy lifestyle and fortifying health are promoted by various available sport clubs: School of survival, School of single combat, volleyball and basketball clubs. D. V. Nikolaev and O. N. Travova, the experienced instructors, conduct sport activities and practical performances.

Boys and girls participation in presentation contest House comfort helps make the dormitory kind and comfortable home for all the students to live there like a big family.

Dormitory activists act as initiators in following certain traditions and conducting holidays. Celebrating birthdays, having exciting evening events and holidays teach the children relationship culture and mutual respect. Developing of creative capabilities and personal features are especially noticeable during Winter kaleidoscope cooking contest, art activities (such as writing articles, decorating rooms, etc.), dancing and singing performances, entertainment events (such as Hello, thats ME evening, New Year ball, Massive carnival and many others.

Development of a well-balanced personality is promoted by visiting theatre performances, tours to the Rainbow exhibition center, Radischev and Chernyshevskiy art museums, regional local-history museum, visiting regional Pushkin library.

Special attention is paid to the matter of developing self-awareness and preparing children to act with resolve in different fields of life. Visits of Battle Glory museum on Sokolovaya mountain and Gagarin museum take place every year.

Round table meetings dedicated to rights and duties another well-known lyceum tradition are held once in a while in presence of Commission on Juvenile Affairs, Regional Family Planning Center, Regional Sobriety Society and police department representatives. During these meetings important matters like responsibility are being discussed.

Upbringing of legal culture and personal moral stability are achieved by frequent discussions and individual study activities organized by lyceum teachers.

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