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Lyceum contest of the year

First Persona Grata contest was held in the lyceum back in 2013.

Winners of this contest a boy and a girl were granted with a special title Lyceum Persona Grata, meaning Lyceum trusted person in Latin.

Even though our students tended to call the contest Mr. and Mrs. LIEN, it accepted participants individually and did not allow couples. It is also important to notice that Persona Grata was not really a beauty contest, but neither was it a knowledge quiz.

In fact, Persona Grata was an art contest, but on the other hand it required having some positive reputation among both students and teachers.

Contest started on 20th of February and ended on 22th of March 2013.

There were certain selection criteria: individual initiative, good study progress and behavior. Only students from 9-11 grades were allowed to apply.

Contest consisted of 3 stages:

Stage 1 (20 Feb 10 Mar 2013): Accepting applications.

Stage 2 (11 Mar 15 Mar 2013): The qualifying round, where Contest Participant Form results, LIEN in 2023 essay, participant photo shoot (10 photos) and a video of a participant (up to 5 minutes) were examined.

Stage 3 (23 Mar 2013): Contest final.

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