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Нужно ли вводить в ЛИЕНе свою школьную форму? >>>
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Boarding Lyceum of Natural Sciences is a recognized leader in the field of school education, well-known around the whole region and in many nearby cities.

Over 24 years of functioning lyceum has gained impressive reputation and has successfully educated 6647 students, 50 of which were awarded with golden medals upon graduation and 197 with silver ones.

One and only in the region, LIEN won the federal “Best Schools of Russia” contest and became part of International Network of Productive Learning Projects and Schools (INEPS), as well as gaining membership within “UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network” (ASPnet) community…


Keeping the traditions of first Russian lyceums we offer a unique chance of receiving a high-quality general education, while living in a friendly community of other students and teachers.

Life in dormitory not far from the lyceum, new impressions from the large and dynamic city around, socializing with new people, developing self-sufficiency and self-independence, helping each other in study, spending holidays together… That’s what Boarding Lyceum of Natural Sciences is about!


“My child is special” – that’s what most parents say.

We know that. We perfectly see that nowadays each child possesses a complicated and versatile personality along with many new problems and interests, among the multitude of modern communication technologies, that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Being a private school LIEN pays significant attention to parents’ opinions on different aspects of lyceum life and everyday care about all the things our students may require.


“How do we make children so excited that they couldn’t wait to get to school in the morning and wouldn’t want to leave when the lessons are over? What do we do to make their gratitude expressions retain emotional tone long after graduation? So that after many years these already grown-up people would still have happy memories of their school times, of a school that have not only taught them various study disciplines, but also to achieve their goals and succeed in everything they do, a school where they would bring their own kids.”

6th of December 2015,
14th of February,
17th of April,
11th of June
11 AM
Inside LIEN,
one of the best schools in Russia
Parents and all those willing to study
in 5-11 grade are welcome!
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Attention, Doors Open Day future guests!

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Doors Open Days are held annually for 24 years. During these days all the graduates along with future students and their parents are welcome in the lyceum and take part in one of the most memorable events, leaving impression for many years to come.

Exciting and sincere discussion includes many topics outside of lessons, ratings and progress. In fact, the most discussed subject is the psychological aspect of school life: how does one regain motivation if it starts to fade out? How does one leave all the old school conflicts in the past to start school life anew among new friends?

Lyceum founder and principal G. G. Konnycheva, honored teacher and candidate of pedagogical sciences, participates in discussions every year and gives a speech regarding peculiarities of educational systems, phased education models in LIEN, unique features of pedagogical staff and lyceum education traditions.

Films, depicting life in the lyceum, give a comprehensive idea about innovative educational technologies, student projects, life of “LIEN country” where students engage into art activities: singing, dancing, play various musical instruments, join “Ariadne” fashion theatre.

Lyceum teachers tell parents about key attributes of educational process regarding main subjects: mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, sociology and history, Russian language and literature.

Meanwhile, children familiarize themselves with the lyceum: visiting classrooms, taking a look at “LIEN country” and “academic route”, having conversations with school psychologist, other students and teachers.

Time spent in LIEN flies. The information provided on Doors Open Day is likely to be useful to everyone, not only applicants. Most visitors decide to join afterwards though. :-)

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