The Private Educational Institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science

Studios and clubs

Foreign Affairs Club

The head is Valentina Nikolaevna Gosteva.
LIEN Students of 7-11 grades are invited for participation.

In today's world, the need for knowledge of a foreign language is extremely important. Globalization has made the world smaller, but it has given more opportunities for communication. The club of foreign affairs provides students opportunities for more in-depth study of a foreign language than just additional lessons.

In the club of a foreign language students learn a language in the process of communication with peers, teachers and native speakers. The club holds holidays, poetry evenings, conferences, round tables and teleconferences on the problems of education, history, economics, culture, art and ecology connected with native country and countries of a studied language.

For those who are especially interested in the subject, there are elective courses, such as "The course of spoken English", "Practice of speaking German", “Country Study”, “Musical heritage of Germany”, "Modern French songs" and "Preparation for tests”.

In order to apply knowledge in a practice and improve language skills, students use the Internet and communicate via e-mail. The Club of Foreign Affairs participates in communicative international projects Dialogue with Friends in English and LIEN in the Dialogue of Cultures in German.

Last year, a group of students of 11th grade took part in the international educational telecommunication project Dialogues of Cultures or Global Communication together with two other schools: A.L. Brown High School (Kannapolis) and Lincolnton High School (Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA).

The teams communicated with each other in English, using e-mail, expressed their opinions, got acquainted with the peculiarities of the national culture, receiving knowledge directly from the "first hand".

The club members also participate in scientific conferences, including lyceum conferences. The uniqueness of the club's projects lies in the fact that during the preparation is used authentic literature, translation from foreign into Russian and vice versa. Thus, children learn to orientate in a large number of foreign-language sources, and this is simply a necessary skill in the modern world of developed information technology.

Collective projects allow to combine information in three foreign languages (English, German, French), using translation, it facilitates cultural enlightenment of students.

Knowledge of some language is not just useful for future work. A foreign language is a key to different cultures, other values, as a result, it greatly broadens the students’ horizon, tolerance and respect for other people.

Club "Guitar and Song"

The head is Valery Aleksandrovich Zaichikov.
Students of 7-11 grades LIEN are invited for participation.

The guitar is one of the most mobile instruments, you can take it with you anywhere, besides it allows to play and sing at the same time.

So, in order to perform a whole act, the only one person is needed and it is the performer. Everything is required is he and the guitar. The guitar sounds so beautiful, so, it gives a unique opportunity for self-expression.

The author song is an amazing phenomenon that has existed for a very long time, but in Russia, it became popular especially in the twentieth century. Among the bards were real poets. In the club, you can get acquainted with their work and learn the history of this genre.

Classes in the club inspire to write poems, music and maybe to participate in concerts and themed parties. A bard can play in the woods around the campfire because the bard culture is a real romance! Classes in the club take place almost like in a vocal studio. There are stage rehearsals, collective or individual lessons and informal meetings (holidays, tea parties, cultural events).

Local history club "Origins".

Leader: Spiridonova Elena Vladimirovna, honored teacher of the RF, history teacher of the highest category.
Students of 8-11 grades LIEN are invited for participation.

They say that without the past there is no future. One of the objectives of the club "Origins" is to sort out the past. You can start with your family history, with your family tree and from this to come to more. And in the "Origins" you will learn how to do it correctly.

Members of the club create LIEN Chronicle, publish the book entitled “Students write Book of Memory”, prepare “Historical piggy bank” (for drawings, crafts, abstracts and creative works of LIEN students). And of course, thee present their own projects, conferences as inside the Lyceum as outside.

Also, in the club guys hold events related to military history.

Last year, they prepared a meeting “Heroes of local wars”, a literary-musical room “About the people who left” and the meeting with Council of veteran’ members of the of the SSAU by N.I. Vavilova.

So, the story is not only reading books and documents, it can be a real adventure!

There are several subsections in the club:

1. "Vivat, a museum!"

We invite pupils of the 8th and 9th grades because the classes get acquaint children with the basics of museum work. The topics of the classes here are relevant: “Hello, the museum!”, “Consider, remember, name it”, “What the relic told me about”, “I am the museum keeper”.

2. "Pathfinder"

This section is for students in 10th grade. If you are a researcher it is encouraged, so, in order to make it more interesting, pupils here learn how to work with written and oral sources, talk about special historical sciences, such as documentary, historiography, philately, heraldry, numismatics; how to conduct research and quest activities. It is in this section there is the project My Family? My genealogic tree.

3. "I am in the modern world"

In this section, the most senior students are 11th grade. In the classroom, children explore the lives of a separate countryman, the history of Saratov city and Agrarian University, family relics, etc.

Fashion Theater "Ariadne"

Театр моды Ариадна, клуб Мастерица
The head is Galina Osipova.
Students of 7–11th grades are invited for participation.

Like many other circles of the Lyceum, "Ariadne" provides a variety of opportunities for children to build their creative potential. Therefore, besides the practical Apparel Design, the study:

  • hand painting on silk;
  • work with non-traditional materials using new technologies;
  • raised cording;
  • beadwork;
  • leatherworking;
  • patchwork;


The special feature about LIEN is Fashion Theater "Ariadne", the laureate of many competitions, including international competition, in which more than 160 teams participated, the Future of the Planet 2008, held in St. Petersburg.

The theater of fashion "Ariadne" was created in LIEN in 1999. Today, the head is the pedagogue-technologist of the highest category, Galina Sergeevna Osipkova.

Girls are mostly interested in fashion, but there are always a few gentlemen in the theatre’s troop. All participants of the fashion theater master the basics of make-up and hairdressing, Design-Apparel, prepare it for different celebrations and learn the art of moving around the scene, gaining grace and plasticity.

Thus, in the fashion theater "Ariadne" they are introduced to all aspects of the fashion industry. They give an opportunity to prove themselves as a fashion designer, a master in clothing and as a top model. Former participants of the fashion theater successfully work in the modeling business. Among Saratov universities, there are three with fashion theaters which operate under the guidance of graduates "Ariadne."

Over the life of the Fashion Theater 17 collections of costumes have been created with hands of students:

  1. Rainbow
  2. Nostalgia - exclusive embroidery with pearls, sequins, cord
  3. Silk thread
  4. Magic patch
  5. World of Skin
  6. Romantic Flowers
  7. Festive bouquet - turning flowers in dresses
  8. Seasons - batik: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, The Ancient Rus
  9. Parade of planets
  10. Egypt
  11. We Go East - a collection of Chinese costumes
  12. Carols
  13. Shred
  14. Christmas story
  15. Glove - the plot of the play by Schiller;
  16. Hussars, The Nutcracker
  17. Teacher Waltz


But in “Ariadne” they do not just teach to sew and demonstrate clothes. Classes in the theater can be very informative. They allow you to study the world cultural heritage and increase the understanding of the culture of different countries.

For example, to create the collections of Egypt and China, the children studied the culture of these folks and their customs, got acquainted with the history of costumes, painting the kimono, and the art of making a fan.

The work on the collections Magic Patch, Carols and Felt boots allowed participants to comprehend the philosophy of the Russian national costume, love the folk traditions and rites of Russia more deeply.

CLUB "Craftswoman”

The head is Galina Osipkova.
Students from 7th to 11th grades are invited for participation.

The club "Craftswoman" works together with the fashion theater "Ariadne". Here girls, and sometimes boys, are engaged in applied arts. Works, made with children’s hands, amaze audience by a variety of styles and techniques. Exhibitions of the club works which take place regularly, delight students, parents and guests of the Lyceum. The club has created the project My Hometown, where the works of the children are presented.

We are glad to present you the girl's paradise, called “Ariadne” and “Craftswoman” at our school.