The Private Educational Institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science

The main Lyceum contest if the year

Pictures from the final round of «Lyceum Persona Grata»

The contest “Lyceum Persona Grata” was held for the first time at the Lyceum of Natural Science Boarding School in 2013. It acquired the title of the Main Competition of the Year in LIEN due to the tremendous creative work, great involvement of the Lyceum community, teaching staff, popularity and interest toward this event.

Broadcasts of the final concert on social networks broke a record of views. And also graduates of the Lyceum often visit this celebration.

Тwo winners are selected within the competition, boys and girls who were given the title "Lyceum Persona Grata", which in Latin means "lyceum confidants". These candidates are media persons who are registered Golden Fund LIEN.

This competition is an individual (not paired). Some called this competition "Miss and Mr. Lien competition". However, it is not like an ordinary beauty contest, it is more sophisticated.

On the one hand, it is a creative competition, on the other hand, it requires some acquired authority and popularity of candidates among lyceum students and lyceum teachers. The competition starts in mid-December with an advance selection of participants.

The criteria for advance selection of participants are

their own initiative or consent of others,

being in 9th, 10th, 11th grades of the Lyceum,

good academic performance in school subjects and decent behavior.

3 stages of the competition:

Stage I. Nomination of candidates.

Stage II. The elimination tournament where the answers of the Contest Questionnaire are assessed. Also, it requires the essay about the Lyceum "LIEN after 10 years", a photo session of 10 photos and a video about a lyceum student as a candidate for the title "Lyceum Persona Grata".

Lyceum community, teaching, and administrative staff determine winners of this stage, after that, they begin preparations for the final concert.

Stage III. The main tournament and the final of the Contest, in which each finalist talks about himself or herself, prepares a creative performance and shows a defile.

The jury, members of the administrative staff, teachers, representatives of the Lyceum community and honorary special guests determine the winners and two Persons for next year. A photo report from each Lyceum Persona Grata competition can be viewed on the VKontakte in albums of the profile “Лиенка”.

The competition “Lyceum Persona Grata” is always a sea of emotions, attention, and interest. The event attracts attention for a long time, it cannot pass without a trace in the hearts of its participants.

That is what each finalist “Lyceum Persona Grata” tell about it:

"This competition will be remembered to me for a long time, for the first time I worked in a team. Two weeks of preparation got close to the creative team.

"It is over and that is a pity. I will miss these wonderful guys. I did not become a lyceum persona, but I gained a lot of knowledge about stage skills, understood my mistakes and immediately corrected it. When I participated in the competition, I looked at my friends from the other side and I can say: "they are reliable guys!" I was sure that I would never forget the Lyceum. After the contest, my confidence increased: "LIEN is my second home forever!”

Mikhail Nikitin

“After the contest, my heart is overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude to the organizers for this incredibly interesting event, to teachers who are able to inspire and help to create so beautiful bright performances. My nomination "Romance" very clearly conveys the mood of our creative team. During the preparation for the contest and the final program. Likewise, we received cool emotions and a good portion of adrenaline. I love everyone very much! Thanks a lot, everyone!"

Kobozeva Evgenia

"After my victory in the first round of the competition, everything started! I immersed myself in this competition. Every day I became stronger and more confident, realizing that I have a chance to win! "Jump overhead and surprise everyone!" - these words were my daily motto. My wonderful fun group (Nikita Presov, Uliana Nedogon, Kristina Sinitsyna, Nastya Nikitina, Timur Shtyrkin, Denis, Zhora, Yegor, Gera, Ilya, Sasha, and Dima) and I tried to "blow up" the stage. I think we did it. Thank you, everyone, for the support!

Minutes of staying on the stage during the contest are incomparable happiness that overwhelmed me so much!

The main result of the competition for me was general attention, recognition and general love of this event.

In the final, everything was as it had to be!

After the completion, I was ready to move forward to new discoveries and achievements. Thanks, everyone!"

Ponomareva Alena

"I want to express my gratitude to the LIEN administration and the teaching staff for the best that is being done for the high school students. It is worth it. I am ready to repeat: "Come to LIEN and you will not regret!" During holidays and weekdays, Lyceum confirms the warm words: "LIEN is a second home!" I can't even imagine that I could miss the main Lyceum event. It became a symbolic start for me because I am standing on the threshold of student life, where I will go with the best memories about LIEN, lyceum friends and the competition “Lyceum Persona Grata”.

Ryzhova Victoria

“The competition powerfully impressed me. Everything was at the highest level: light, equipment, staging, costumes. I really did not expect my victory in the competition. I did my best in order to create something interesting and memorable. I would like to say some words of gratitude to Galina Sergeyevna, the head of the Ariadne fashion theater. She was next to me, guided and just did everything to make this day magical. My support group is the best guys! I was captivated by their dedication, the ability to work in a team, to share all difficulties and joy of victory. Thank you, everyone!

Myskina Maria

“Lyceum Persona Grata is a contest from which you get unforgettable emotions and impressions. That is why I decided to participate in it, hoping to win in the depths of my soul. I wanted to impress everyone, prove myself at the stage and make a really interesting show. For our creative team, the contest was a challenge, which we successfully overcame. I want to thank all my friends and our mentors for everything that they have done, for the wonderful atmosphere and support! Masha and I would have failed without it. And I also want to charge future participants with my reckless energy. Remember, no matter how much you worry after the first applause because fear quickly fades. I know this from personal experience. I wish you success."

Bandurin Artem