The Private Educational Institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science

Photo Vernissages in LIEN

From the first day of spring the private Boarding School of Natural Sciences together with the information portal “SarBC” with the support of Bank Agroros, invites Saratov citizens and guests of our city to the VI annual opening day of famous Saratov photo artists.

Its name reflects the general theme of the works - “Perspective non-fiction”.The previous five exhibitions were memorable. They demonstrated the Saratov authors as professionals engaged in photography masters and Amateurs who have other areas of employment, but are excellent photographers.

Participants in various photo exhibitions in LIEN included: Alexander Miroshnichenko, Igor Chizhov, Yury Puzanov, Anton Mislavsky, Nikolay Shadrin, Alexey Naumov, Alexey Glyva, Alexander Kurochkin, Sergey Tatarintsev, Alexey Gnatyuk, Yury Mamulin, Olga Kudimova, Nelli Suleymanova, Valery Bakutkin Gennady Savkin, Oleg Elkis.

This time we would like to surprise the audience with new events and make bright and powerful impression. These pictures are able to give the audience true aesthetic enjoyment.

The exhibition at the Lyceum will be open for free from the 2nd to the 3rd, from the 5th to the 7th and from the 12th to the 17th of March. The exhibition is open from 16.00 to 20.00.

Address of the exhibition is Boarding School of Natural Sciences (LIEN), Sovetskaya Street, 60 (corner with Mirny Pereulok).

Phone number: (8452) 73-60-43.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking forward to you!

The 6th photo-exhibition “Perspective non-fiction”, March 2018.

The previous five exhibitions were memorable. They demonstrated the Saratov authors as professionals engaged in photography masters and Amateurs who have other areas of employment, but are excellent photographers. This time the exhibition opened under the name "Non-fiction Perspective". 64 bright photos from eight famous Saratov photographers were presented. The name of the exhibition in literal translation from English is “unimaginable”. These photos capture the real situations, natural phenomena. The photo exhibition presents reportage photos, staged, compositional - each visitor was able to discover something new, to plunge into the mysterious world of photography.

The 5th photo-exhibition “The World in Focus of Saratov Photographers”, February 2017.

In 2017, the fifth anniversary photo-exhibition was held in LIEN “The World in Focus of Saratov Photographers”. 75 bright photos were presented, from 15 countries of the world and from 11 talented Saratov photographers. Visitors of this exhibition were able to appreciate the diversity of the presented photographs and feel the individual style and nature of each photographer. Photos of blossoming Holland, philosophical India, futuristic Hong Kong, unique Spain, pacified Switzerland, dynamic China and many other countries decorated the walls of LIEN, becoming a truly rare decoration and a cultural and aesthetic gift.

The 4th photo-exhibition “Planet Russia in the Saratov lens”, March 2016.

Having already become a good tradition, the photo exhibition again returned to the topic of geography, expanding its scope. Each of the photographers subtly conveyed a sense of the diversity and uniqueness in Russian nature, the depth of its culture, the rhythm of Russian megalopolises and the originality of the rural Russian life. Each photo conveyed the atmosphere of the place where it was taken.

3rd photo exhibition “Woman & Man: Life in the shot”, February 2015.

The third photo exhibition in LIEN changed the geographical theme to humanitarian and personal. The theme of the exhibition allowed the organizers to make it colorful and classic black and white, deep and superficial, diverse and controversial, in a word, all facets of a male and female character and relationships between them were represented by Saratov photographers.

The 2nd photo exhibition “Photo-painting of the region: the unusual in the usual”, October 2014.

Each of the photographers masterfully conveyed the mood and feeling of the “unusual” in the usual perspectives of the Saratov region. The works of the authors were devoted to the beauties of nature, people, significant places of Saratov and the Saratov region. Many of the photos and landscapes depicted on them were unlike their hometown.

The 1st photo-exhibition “Saratov, how it was not seen. Beauty in the hometown", March 2014.

The idea of an unusual exhibition came to LIEN through the desire to show Saratov in a welcoming and bright light. Each artist presented his own view on the familiar streets of home city.