The Private Educational Institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science

Municipal Science Laboratory

Since 2008 the municipal science laboratory “LIEN as a school of personal development” has been operating at the premises of the private educational institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science.

This laboratory is a subdivision of the regional Science Advisory Department “Pedagogical Research”, established on the basis of the research department of State Autonomous Institution of Additional Professional Education “Saratov Regional Institute of Educational Development”.

The purpose of the scientific laboratory is to carry out research and experimental activities, scientific and methodological support of innovative processes in the lyceum and create a system of information and analytical support for the development of the Lyceum.

In accordance with the intended purpose, the MSL solved the following tasks:

  • dissemination of information on aspects of legal and regulatory framework the activity of participants in the educational process;
  • approbation and implementation of research at the institutional level.
  • participation in specialized conferences, contests, round tables and seminars;
  • organization of seminars, conferences and contests;
  • preparation for publication of materials reflecting the results of research.

One of the priority tasks of the laboratory is to stimulate teachers in the field of scientific development.

The work of the LINEN as a school of personal development is carried out in the following areas.

  • Family and school;
  • Teacher and pedagogical community;
  • Teacher and student;
  • Long-distance learning.

We implement an individual approach in working with children of different levels of development in studying.

Formation of the system of teaching is aimed at the development of student research activity.

Innovative activity of a teacher aimed at a transition to Federal State Educational Standards.

Recently the following major events have been held at the premises of LIEN by the municipal science laboratory (MSL):

  • Regional seminars for MSL network members “Formation of metasubject educational environment in the Lyceum in terms of implementation of Federal State Educational Standard for Basic General Education”, “The implementation of an individual approach as an essential component of students’ core competencies formation”;
  • Annual regional seminars for teachers of the Russian language and literature within upgrade training course on the program "Teaching the Russian language and literature in the conditions of Federal State Educational Standard".
  • XII Transregional research and practice conference «Topical issues of natural science education”, section «Physics»;
  • Regional seminar for Saratov branch of the public organisation “Pedagogical Society of Russia” “Experience in formation of a metasubject environment in the school educational system”.

The gained experience of innovation allows the participants to successfully perform at contests of art of teaching, to take part in conferences, seminars and round tables even remotely.

The activity of the laboratory has been recognized within the regional competition “The Best Municipal Laboratory”.

During the years of its work MSL has repeatedly become the laureate of the competition as well as the winner in the nominations "Development of cultural and educational initiatives" and "Mobile innovative activity".

Since 2018, the regional scientific and consulting service Pedagogical Search on the basis of SRIDE (Saratov Regional Institution Development of Education) has been reorganized into the consulting service Educational Initiative. Therefore, the network of municipal scientific laboratories has completed its work.


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