The Private Educational Institution Boarding Lyceum of Natural Science

Federal Innovational Platform

Official order No. 1425 dated December 30, 2013 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF approved the next list of Federal Innovational Platforms belonging to innovational infrastructure in the educational system of the Russian Federation. This list includes 30 educational organisations from different constituent entities of the RF that became innovative platforms in 2013. LIEN was granted this title for the period from 2013 till 2018.

According to the Law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, innovative activities are carried out in order to ensure modernisation and development of the education system, taking into account the main directions of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation. These activities are carried out by means of implementation of innovative projects and programs, and its organisation mechanism is the formation of innovational platform network (FIP) at the federal level. The FIG network is built on a competitive basis by means of selection by the expert community and approval by the Ministry of Education of the RF of the list of educational organisations implementing these projects and programs.

In 2013, 289 educational organisations submitted applications for obtaining the FIG title. 5 applications were submitted from general education institutions of Saratov region.

According to the results of the competition LIEN became the first school (and first education organisation in general) in Saratov, which joined the ranks of Federal Innovational Platforms in the field of education.

The title assignment became a confirmation of both current achievements of LIEN and prospects for the implementation of the innovative projects that are essential for the development of the educational system.

Within the framework of the LIEN activities as a Federal Innovational Platform from 2013 till 2018 the project “Creation of Productive Educational Environment: Upbringing of Intellect as a way of forming a self-developing individual» is being implemented. The goal of the project is to create a productive educational environment by means of project and research technology introduction, taking into account the conditions necessary for the formation of a personality capable of self-realisation and self-development.